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Effective Martial Art With Weapons

The Martial Art of Escrima originated in the Philippine Islands. It is also known under the names Kali or Arnis de Mano. The main tool used in teaching Escrima is a stick, but the techniques can be transferred to any object that can be held in your hands. This weapon becomes part of your body and no longer feels like an external object.

The universal concept of Escrima offers a solution for all imaginable forms of attack. The training improves the students dynamics and the reflexes in order to fend off attacks with weapons.
Escrima offers a perfect addition to unarmed Martial Arts.

The Escrima training is especially suitable for people who want to become well-tenable in a short period of time. The exercising will enable you to rapid improve your overall power, dynamics and coordination. Your use of an object in a defense situation gives you confidence and a good feeling of safety.
With enthusiasm, female members will discover that they have a handbag full of objects useful for their defense. They can be self-assured in any situation. Attackers do not have a chance!

With Escrima training, objects of daily use can easily be identified as defense weapons. Members are able to effectively defend themselves and their belongings against potential attackers by using a pen, a cell phone or car keys.
The concept of short, fast and dynamic movements give you power and efficiency.
You will gain a new way of defensiveness and a new appreciation of your own body.

Feel confident and secure with your new abilities
Enjoy the new you! Enjoy life!