Martial Arts


Feel At Ease With Your Body!

Kampfkunstschulen Drakulic are giving women the chance to be (within the group training) responsive to their special needs and requirements.
The atmosphere of the training offers an ideal possibility to reduce shyness and concern.

In the coed training groups, daily natural scenarios are simulated to meet the typical requirements of women.
The instructors of Kampfkunstschulen Drakulic will separate women from men to give exclusive women’s trainings. Therefore allowing women to experience the first steps of learning and exercising without stress.
Due to specific training, a feeling of self-confidence and safety will be achieved after a few training lessons.


More Than Martial Arts

Kampfkunstschulen Drakulic gives specific attention to the self-defense of women.
Members will achieve and develop composure within.
You will use the skills learned to detain assailants. Women will successfully leave “victimization”.
Realistic self–defense for women shows you how to trust your intuition and react confidently in any given situation.

Strong dynamic women!

Strong Dynamic Women!

This training offers you various ways to make you feel better. Practicing with a partner gives you a new appreciation of your body and improved coordination.
Burning off energy relieves stress and strengthens your body.
Your fighting spirit and your self-confidence is strengthened by self-defense exercises.
As a result of our training you will feel better, be more open and have a renewed confidence in your daily life.


Experience the Effect
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